Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Phase two

Oh man have I had nothing but trouble with this brand new, super high tech locater beacon I'm trying to use. I have successfully learned to use the Mapshare function but I can not get my text messages to send. No matter what I try I'm not successful. So, no text messages till I am able to get the tech folks on the phone. Which probably won't be till I get to Sierra City. Hope I don't need to use that function before then. 

Angela and I left Groveland around 8:30 this morning and took our own sweet time getting here to Chester. We took the long way on Highway 70, through the Feather River canyon which was rugged and beautiful. The water was very enticing but hard to get down to. We stopped once at a rest stop and getting out of the car was a shock. It must have been nearly 100 degrees at about 3pm. We drove by Belden Town Resort where I should be by next Saturday. Hopefully it won't be so hot by the time I get there. 

Got to Chester about 4:30 and checked into a Best Western. I ran off the the grocery store to pick up some last minute goodies then Angela and I walked to the Kopper Kettle for dinner. The food was good enough but there was too much of it. Couldn't finish. 

Walking home we chanced upon a Chester specialty shop...

Back at the BW at sunset. 

An early breakfast and off to the trail I go. Angela will be continuing on the see friends in Oregon and Washington. Too bad I can't just split myself in two so I wouldn't miss anything in life. 

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