Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Day 2 - Mile 1309, or there abouts.

I had a very hard time going to sleep last night so at 12:30 am I finally took a sleep aid. When 6:30 rolled around, and the sun peaked between the trees, I got up, an hour later than I usually get up but since this day was pretty short it didn't matter. 

I was truly amazed to find my legs feeling fine this morning. No soreness or lingering aches and pains. Last night I did massage my legs with pot cream, which apparently did the trick. Yea for medicinal plants!

The first three miles were nice and not too taxing. The first water option was at Carter
Creek, 7/10 of a mile down and back again. 

I don't think so... Second choice was Little Cub Spring which was 3/10 miles down a steep trail. I picked this spring because it is closest to my next water source tomorrow at Cold Spring. 

Way down over that edge... steep and hot getting there and back but the water is grand. A few miles on and there was a choice for another spring but it was another steep down and back. I hope I've got enough water to get 6.5 miles before the next source. The good news is that after today the water situation will vastly improve and I won't have to carry so much water at any one time. 

The trail today changed from open meandering among volcanic rocks

to shaded tree cover. Amazingly there are still some wild flowers out there. 

The clouds returned early today but so far no rain. I have my tarp set up so I can quickly unfurl it if it starts to rain. 

Sometime this afternoon I passed the spot where I hurt myself last year. I kept looking but the area must have had some trail maintenance last year so I didn't see it. It's just as well though I did worry all afternoon something would happen. Nothing occurred but simply being sore and tired. I hope I recover tonight as well as I did last night. 

Girl Scout tacos!  Ground turkey with taco seasonings, freeze dried corn and cheddar cheese and Fritos! Yummmmmm.