Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 5 - Belden Town... during a Funk Festival.

My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning but I managed to ignore it till 6. Did I mention two southbound thru hikers pulled in at dusk last night?  They did and we chatted very briefly before they set up their tent and settled in to sleep. They are flip-floppers, having skipped the difficult Sierra conditions and have walked to Canada already. Just getting back on trail now, hoping to finish their hike at Kennedy Meadows south before they have to go back to work. Anyway, the reason I brought them up is because they got up and were out of camp in 15 minutes. I took 30 minutes which I thought was pretty good, but then I'm not trying to make 25-30 miles a day. I can't even imagine. 

Anyway, I started walking at 6:30 and made the best use of the cool morning temperatures. The trail was mostly downhill and some of it was that nasty rocky stuff I've been complaining of. Ankle twisters for sure. 

I crossed more creeks and saw some flowers I'm not familiar with. Anyone know what this one is?

At Indian Creek (they didn't specify which tribe) a large bridge spanned the creek, suitable for horse travel. In fact this section of the PCT is maintained by a group of volunteer horsey types. I can't call them horse "men."  

I got to the big river and saw the train blowing by. Very loud, something I get to experience tonight since it's not 100 feet from where I am hanging, up the hill. 

Eventually I came strolling into BeldenTown around 10am. I tried the restaurant for breakfast but they wouldn't seat me, since the kitchen was so behind on orders. I was sad since I'd only had my breakfast drink (with java) and was hungry. Fortunately they have food trucks here during festivals and I got, possibly, the worlds largest burrito. I couldn't even hold it to eat it so I had to spoon it. It was yummy!

I spent the bulk of the day charging electronics and looking on the internet. Grim times in this ole USA. Anyway I eventually had a couple of beers and a turkey burger at the bar, sitting next to an interesting young man named Cody. He works some, travels some and owns a 1971 VW bus. We bonded over that for sure. 
I eventually wandered off to try and find a place to hang my hammock, which was not easy. I did find a spot and am settled in, four feet from the river. 

My alarm will be going off at 5:30am as I have 2,600 feet to climb in 4 miles tomorrow. Best done in the early morning. There is no water for the first 6 miles so I'll have to carry a couple of liters in addition to 7 days of food. Let the whining begin🀣.


  1. Heading to La Casita right now to meet Donna and Sara. I WON'T have any green sauce but will think about you. Glad I didn't have to walk through those rocky chunks. Walk on TOPO!

    1. I know. Those rocks are the devils balls. πŸ‘€πŸ˜¬πŸ™€ Hi to D and S.