Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day 1 - mile 1318.5 - Near Butt Mt

The day started with breakfast at the hotel and it was just so-so. I realized how I measure the quality of a hotel breakfast by how they cook the eggs and the ones here were little round disks, about three inches across. They didn't look very tasty so I passed. But, it was good enough to get me going.

Angela dropped me off about 7:45 and after the obligatory photo, the last time I'll be clean for a while, I was off. Thank you Angela! You saved the day.

The trail climbed a bit then dropped into a meadow where a "seasonal" stream could be found. This year it was a running creek, right down the middle of the path. Nothing for it but to just slosh along till I got through. 

After about three miles I stopped at Soldier Creek to water up. This means I left there with 4 liters of water since I would be stopping for the night before the next water source. Many times in the next seven miles I wished I hadn't committed to limiting my milages to 10 miles a day for the first section. Not because I wanted to do more but carrying 9+pounds of water for 7 miles is harder than carrying <5 for 10 miles. Which is where the next water source is. But no matter. I got here just fine though I am feeling the effects of carrying so much weight on day one. Hopefully rest will cure what ails me. 

I stopped to rest a bit and take an image of the "official" PCT mid point, for those walking the whole trail that is. 

At that point I started to notice the clouds building and it looked like there could be afternoon rain. A welcome event for me as it keeps things cool. About a mile from my stopping place it started to sprinkle so when I arrived at the listed campsite area I went looking for some likely trees. I did manage to get my hammock and tarp up in time to keep things mostly dry. Luckily it never poured. My umbrella kept my stuff dry while I scurried about getting things set up. 

I've seen 5 or 6 deer circling around this spot...apparently they are used to just walking through this area. They don't seem scared, just cautious. 

Dinner tonight was Cowgirl Pasta, a dinner of my own design. Even without a stove it rehydrated just fine. 

It's only 5pm but I'm laying down in my hammock to rest. I did manage to stop a couple of times and do some stretching and a bit of Gyrokinisis. For those of you who don't know, Gyrokinisis is a kind of yoga that is done sitting down. This style of exercise has saved my back so I'm definitely a fan. 

Tomorrow is another 10 mile day, with another heavy water carry. I may also pass the spot where I injured myself last year and I'm looking forward to getting past that area. Injury free of course. I guess I'm a bit nervous 😬


  1. Hey, Shelly Gal!
    It was sooo good to see you in New Almaden! I'll be keeping watch over you on these pages (but not in a stalker-ish sort of way!) Be well, and happy trails. I love you!

  2. You can stalk me if'n you wish Christine!