Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 19 - Donner Summit

As I lay in my hammock at 5:30 this morning I realized I could hear Hwy 80 in the distance. I'm still 3.6 miles away, and Castle Pass is between us, but it seems all that traffic can intrude on the wilderness, even at this distance. I'm not looking forward to the jangle. 

My experience today was influenced by more people than I am used to seeing in any one day. Previously I'd say I averaged meeting 3-4 people daily. Today, I don't even know. 20-30? And that is before I got to Hwy 40 and my home for the night. 

But I digress. And first things first. I took off at 7am and walked the shortish distance to Castle Pass. 

From there it was down to Hwy 80, a major east-west path though the country. The sound was intrusive but it meant I was getting ready to move into the Sierra. I have a special place in my heart for this area and the rocks began to resemble my favorite landscapes. 

Granite boulders are replacing sharpish volcanic outcroppings and the path planning requires a different kind of structure. Big steps up, and down. 

There was a tunnel under each road, both east and west. 

Then another 3 miles to Hwy 40, the historic route. 

Earlier today I had decided to decline the invitation to stay with Sunshine's cousin, mostly because of elevation. I'm acclimated to this elevation and I just decided dropping down to 500' near Sacramento would be a mistake. I need all the help I can get. So I got a dorm room at Donner Ski Ranch for the night, and maybe two. I have to be at the Soda Springs PO at 9am Monday morning and this is my best choice for making this happen. 

So, showered, clothes washed and well fed I am off to slumber land. The food here is good and the beer is even better. 


  1. I bet that beer tasted VERY good! (This is ann schwartz-not sure how this works but i seem to be unknown.)

    1. That beer tasted very, very good. So did the next two. Thanks for reading along Ann!

  2. Woo! Lots to catch up on with your travels. Seems like yesterday when I was singing and writing the TOPO Guide Song. You are moving right along. I hope your ribs are healing along with your digits. Walk on TOPO!

    1. The ribs are still sore but finger is almost back to normal. 👍🏽