Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 15 - Sierra City zero

There were four other folks here last night. Pooh Bear and three friends from the Bay Area. I didn't get their permission to use their names so I'll just call them the Three Amigas. 
Anyway they cooked up a storm and made gourmet food the whole time I was there. 

I started my morning with Pooh Bear when we walked to Herringtons for breakfast. I assumed they would be open at 7 but noooo. We got there and there were no posted hours but we decided to wait and at 7:30 or so two worker folks came and told us they opened at 8. So we waited. 

The breakfast, once we got in, was plenty good enough. Simple and plain, but good. 
After that I went back to my room and laid down, resting. I got back up to chat with Susan the owner for a bit while Pooh Bear packed up her things. 

Lunch time came around and I went back to the store to get a hot dog (yum) and hang out for the rest of the day. It started raining around 2pm and kept at it till around 5pm. Pooh Bear left to walk back to the trail and I wandered back to River Haven only to be invited to eat with the great cooks, now down to Two Amigas, and Susan. I was happy to answer tons of questions about my gear, hike, and anything else they could think to ask. It was fun to be able to share the things I know and hopefully they will feel they can get out there and backpack too. If they want. It really isn't rocket science and anyone can do it. 

Best be done for the day. My alarm is going off early tomorrow. 

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