Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 18 - Peter Grubb Hut

I got a late start today since I didn't even get up till 6:30. It was cold - I even had to wear my hat and down jacket for a bit! When I shouldered my pack and walked the 50' back to the trail imagine my surprise in meeting someone who had camped right near by but I didn't know it. A solo woman section hiker! Amazing!

Meet Sunshine. She is 68 years old and has been working on completing the PCT for decades. We hit it off right away. I didn't stay for long as I had miles to go before I sleep...

The day was full of climbs, flowers, water. The initial climb had me going up a ridge that was northwest of Bear Valley, only to dip down to the wet, and mosquito filled area of White Rock Creek. 

I took advantage of the frequent opportunities with water and repeatedly soaked my hand and once I iced it, due to swelling that has occurred from the finger sprain two days ago. 

Too bad I didn't keep that ring off of my ring finger. It's on for the duration now. 

The treatment, and time, seems to be working. I thought for sure I'd have to have the ring cut off in Truckee on Saturday. 

Snow fields, more flowers and climbing were the themes of the day. It gets boring to look at flowers but I just have to show a couple. 

The snow really, really must have just melted here. Everything was wet, lush and buggy. The good with the bad I guess. 

Early in the day I had mentioned the fact I wasn't going to be able to pick up my food box till Monday and I'd just be hanging out in town for the weekend. Sunshine's cousin is coming to pick her up for the weekend and she invited me to join her. They were going to return on Monday morning so it will work for me. How fortunate am I?

I had lunch in Paradise Valley and began the long climb out. The mosquitoes were an inducement for sure and I put in my music headphones to help distract me from the discomfort. It seemed to take forever but eventually I got to the top and began the long downhill to this valley where I am settled in for the night. 

Peter Grubb Hut is a permanent building built by the Sierra Club in 1972 and is open to the public. I'm not sure who Peter is/was but the building is a beauty. 

Here is a dark pano of the inside. There are solar lights on timers. 

Me? I think it's gonna be a two ibuprofen night since my ribs still hurt when I breathe deep or move around too much. Given that I am happily done hiking for the day and ready for a nice long lay down. 

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