Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 37 - Hiker Town

Today was a tough hiking day, even though we figure it was only about 14 miles. Road walking has some benefits, chiefly being able to see how people individualize things in their homes and yards. Since I can't snoop inside I just enjoy the parts close to the road. Here are a couple of mailboxes...

Once we left habitation it quickly just became a hard surface slog which really took a toll on my feet and legs. 

Nothing dramatic but just really uncomfortable, until we got here and I put my pack down. Ahhhhh...

Here is an interesting place. I don't know the name of the people who own the property but the caretaker's name is Bob and he manages this place as well as working on the water faucet and caches up at Cottonwood Creek...18 miles away and the first water after this place. 

 Anyway there is a main house and a couple of other residences but us hikers can rent these little themed sheds for the night. For $10 I get to stay in the Garden Shed...
take a shower and wash my clothes.  Tidy Camper is in the Captians Quarters...
In addition there is the
Doctors office
Feed store
And Cantina. 
There are more but this gives you the idea. This guy loves his sheds. Funny. 

Oh and one last thing. Since we weren't on the trail today when it crossed over to the 500 mark I made a little road marker to commemorate the new number... I went with the road motif. 


  1. I love the sheds. There is so much to this Pacific Coast Trail adventure. Things I never would have imagined. I'm really glad you're writing this down. Thinking of you every day Shelley Joe tomorrow's another day of cleaning up and painting the hugely messy house. Using Ginger's magic tablet but it spells your name wrong and I can't fix it sorry. Love, love, love JL

  2. 500 miles! Wow, all those footsteps really do add up!!
    Safe journey to you, Shelly : ) --julie o.