Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 40 - Oak Creek

A 16 mile day that ended with us at Oak Creek where we will camp for the night. The water in the creek would be ok if I was dying, but not before. It was nearly stagnant, green with a tinge of orange. Fortunately someone has stocked a bunch of water at the road crossing so the gals brought me a gallon when they went to get some for themselves. Phew!

We are back in windmill territory. Here is a very large tree next to the machines. 
I also came across a tiger tank (brand name) with an attached shower. Not working but it sure would have been nice. I'd like to know how it got there and what it was used for.   
Another sweet surprise was a trail magic water cache, thanks to Daniel and Larry. Right out in the middle of nowhere. 

For writing in...

Finally, though my iPhone doesn't do them justice I'll show some of the wild flowers we saw today. The smell of fields of flowers was striking. 


  1. Hi Shelly! I love all the interesting things that go on that aren't just hiking in the woods, which is what my mind envisioned you doing. An even more cool adventure than I'd ever imagined! So glad you're having fun. Cristie

  2. Hi Shelley I loved the flowers so pretty. I don't like windmills much. It's like a giant plane going around. I am on my own endurance Sauga. Painting our new house every day for two weeks. I can hardly move. But then I think of you walking 16 miles and I get a grip. Lots of love Janice and Ginger and chica and Oscar

  3. Hi Shelly : ) Volunteering to work on the PCT near Lake Tahoe tomorrow...Will be thinking of you. --julie o.

  4. Hi Shel, so enjoying your blog! Your journey is so entertaining and a must-read every day! Thrilled that things are going well, and you are with friends! xox

  5. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. Love that you're reading along.