Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 42 - A day of (mostly) rest

Well ok, I had to do grocery shopping and online bill management kinds of things but mostly I had an easy day.  I also mailed my worn out shoes back to Angela who apparently has some idea for an art piece... oh these creative types :-)

Tomorrow begins a section of trail I have been dreading since I was out here two years ago, except now the situation is even more dire. We are having to hike big miles between water sources because there just aren't that many out there. Two springs in the first two days (one at the end of each long day) and then the last two days we have to hike, depending on who you believe, 31 to 40 miles carrying water for the whole stretch. Yikes! Fortunately there is a cooling trend so I won't require as much water to stay hydrated but still, I may have to carry upwards of 8 liters those last two days. Ouch!!!

So the next 4-5 days will be a challenge but I'm sure we will get through it. Also if I remember correctly there isn't much cell service out there either so while I'll be writing I might not be able to send the missives off into cyberspace. Have no fear! My spot will let you know all is well and when I get service I'll send them off, hopefully in the correct order this time...


  1. Hey Shelly, so good to talk with you. I think it's good that we are finally getting the idea that doing things our own way. Is a good way to do things. It's okay to make ourselves happy. Four bowls of cereal. Or be in the trailer this name to the wind. You are the best. The best. The best. Love you Jay L