Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2nd Mile 1762

It's supposed to be a hot day today. I'm currently at about mile 1753, having walked only four miles since 9:30 when I left the resort. I'm hunkered down in some shade resting up for the upcoming climb and in the last few minutes, three deer have run by about ten feet from my tree. Pretty dang cool.

I'm camped this evening just past 1762, also known as Big Spring. It actually is a small pond with an outlet. Needless to say I'm treating it, just in case. I got here sometime after 6pm having walked a total of 14 miles, two of which were road miles getting back to the trail this morning. So I am shy of my goal of 16 miles but I really had no more gas in the tank. I guess this means I will be one day later getting to Crater Lake. This really doesn't matter except this means I'll be later getting to my planned exit for Eugene and visiting friends there. Since they are picking me up it does matter to them. Oh well.

This evening as I was filling my bottles from the spring I looked up and who did I see on the trail but Train, Mr. Wedding Dress. He came on down and we had a really nice chat and catch-up. He even donned his dress and posed for me. He's such a hoot. He's moving fast so it isn't likely I'll see him again but I've invited him to visit in Santa Cruz anytime. I hope he takes me up on the offer.

Two images, one in dress, one without. Poor guy, he's lost so much weight he can't keep his gown up very well.


  1. I remember you telling me about the guy that hiked the PCT in a wedding dress. How fun you actually ran into him! Be safe. Have fun.

  2. What a hot looking Train - literally! He HAS lost a lot of weight! I remember him from the kick-off. Have fun today.

  3. More on Mr. Wedding dress: