Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31st Mile 1738

Mother Goose was right. I have indeed lost most, if not all of the conditioning I had when I got off the trail six weeks ago. I also did myself no favors by hauling six days of food in my pack rather than break it up and send some part way to Crater Lake. Instead of carrying 3-4 pounds of food I'm carrying 10-12 pounds of food. My bad. So, since I'm one day ahead of my scheduled entry date I guess I'll only go 10 miles today instead of the planned 15. This'll give me time to eat more food before I head out again tomorrow.

Oregon is stunning. Lush green with wildflowers galore. I didn't stop to photograph much as really, how many images of shooting stars does one need to have? But it is all eye candy and restful for the heart. I really do calm down inside when I am in this kind of environment.

I want to give a shout out to Daniel who drove me all the way from his place outside of Talent to the trailhead near I-5 this morning. In addition he is generously letting me park my truck at his place where he has his home and business, Plant Oregon. What a sweetie he is. Thanks Daniel! BTY, he's the one with the Grizzly Adams beard taking a photo of me.

Tonight is the first time I've hung my food and other smelly stuff in order to keep it out of the way of bears and other curious critters. I don't think wild bears are as clever as park bears, at least I hope not. Yosemite bears would get to my food in a New York minute the way I've got it hung. Let's hope the local bears haven't been doing some distance learning.

Tonight's images are of Pilot Rock, Mt Shasta, Daniel and my bear hang. Way too much food ;-(

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  1. Beautiful! Gee, I hope you hung your food Upside Down!