Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th Renie's House

I'm at my cousins house in the hills above Talent, Oregon just hanging out with Renie and her wild cat Jesse Cat. A domestic cat but prone to fits of attacking.

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening yacking up a storm, only slowing down enough to eat dinner when it got dark. It was so nice out on her porch that I didn't mind the mosquitoes too much, until I tried to sleep and the itching began. Oh well.

Today I went town to wash my cotton clothes and pick up some last minute foods for the coming six day stint. Wow, that's a lot of food to schlep on my back. I'll have to eat the heaviest stuff first. Renie is leaving here tonight to begin her three flight trip to Africa where she will spend the next 22
days. If you want to check out her website you can find her at She is extraordinary artist!

For myself I will stay here tonight (hoping to see some Olympic action on TV) and drive down to Dan'l's house tomorrow morning to park my truck for the next two months (if all goes according to plan). He has kindly offered to take me the 20 or so miles to the trailhead tomorrow morning. And so it begins.

I've included here images of Renie's house that she built herself. It's octagonal primarily with an add on for her working studio. Wow. What a great home she has made for herself.


  1. Cool house! Happy Trails friend. This trail angel is watchibg you!