Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9th Leaving Home

What a nice break I have had here in lovely Santa Cruz. Time with friends just hanging out, lots of non trail food and a good mixture of time spent with Angela. I got to help out in her studio, fixing stuff and just envisioning the changes she wants to make over time.
It was quite fun and restful. I am, however, ready to go back and jump into the Sierras with both feet! And my walking sticks!

We leave early tomorrow for Lake Isabella and will spend the night in the old standby spot. On Monday early we'll hit the post office when it opens and see just what I might need for my next section. Then we're off to Kennedy Meadows and I'll get dropped off at the general store. More boxes to open and once I have my micro spikes I'll finally be ready to take off. I don't imagine there will be lots of reception for the next five or six days so once I leave KM I'll be short on daily communication. Never fear as I will continue to write and will deluge this blog with words when I find reception.

You know you're going into the Sierras when you see this combination near your pack.

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  1. Hip Hip Hooray! You go girl! This trail angel has your back!