Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10th Last night

Here I am again, in Lake Isabella. It's 8 pm and cooling off nicely after a day in the high 80's. Angela, Beth and I went to a natural hot springs this afternoon along the Kern River. The BLM has torn out the pools made over the years so while the water is nice and hot it can't form deep pools any longer and just rolls into the Kern River. It was still nice to stand in the little warm puddles and watch the river go by and listen to it rush along. Plus the birds were happy, or so it appeared by their cavorting.

The gals just watched me pack up my bear canister for the next 6-7 days. I take all this stuff for granted because I'm used to it but they were fascinated by all my little doo-dads and food stuffs. While packing up my hiking clothes it occurred to me that even though I am excited to be getting back on the trail I will be sad to set aside my cotton clothes. Oh so sad ;-(
Oh well, I'll get over it.

Most of these images are of the river adventure of today with one image of a groovy sign in Bakersfield.


  1. Hey there Ms Upside Down! I'm here with Sara(sponda) and Myna and we're all reading your blog for today. We're excited that you are hitting the trail again and will be following you every step (well maybe not EVERY step) of the way! Walk on friend! Sara says, "Take care of those feet." Myna says, "Yes!"

  2. Shelly....loved seeing you pack your bear cannister. I hope to see you again on your adventure!