Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11th Tom's Cyber Cafe

Angela and Beth just dropped me off at Kennedy Meadows and I began walking towards the trail head when what to my surprise did I see but a bunch of old trailers off to the left and I guessed it to be Tom's Cyber Cafe. This place is a collection of trailers with the largest harboring four computers and who knows what else... Tom has set up a place for hikers to connect to the outside world via computers and the whole set up is run by solar panels. In addition I ran into Dancing Feet who was doing acrobatics on a jerry rigged trapeze. I was able to get some images but I can't upload them on here... takes too much juice apparently.

I am happy to be heading out today but it is always an ambivalent experience to say goodbye to Angela. We had such a good time coming out here and they will continue to have a good time as they are going to take mountain roads all the way to the west side of the Sierras. It sounds like a beautiful road. For myself, I am only going to go a short way on the trail today due to my being at sea level for the past week. KM is at about 6,000 feet so climbing too high too soon would be way silly.

Alrighty gang. I'm off to see the Wizard!


  1. Glad you're refreshed and ready to hit the trail again. Be safe. Have fun.

  2. Ah, the Wizard...I know you'll find a multitude of places. Have a lovely adventure!

  3. It's just good to know you're out there, walkin' along .. .. ..