Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4th Homeward bound

I must say the owners of the Lake Isabella Motel are really fine people. They are friendly, generous and accommodating people who appear to be willing to help hikers out where ever they can. Case in point, when there more than just a couple of hikers here they have been making dinner for folks. Free dinner to boot. Two nights ago they cooked up homemade pizza with salad and leftover spaghetti from the big feed of the night before. Today they are driving myself and another hiker to the Amtrak station
In Bakersfield. How's that for kindness? The rooms here are simple but clean, with everything a hiker could want. So all you hikers out there, a good spot to stay when you are taking a zero in Lake Isabella is this motel.

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  1. Hi Shelly,
    Connie Chin told me about your trip, good for you!!! Sorry you had to quit, (maybe temporary?) and I hope you feel better.
    FYI, my husband Peter's grandparents built and ran this hotel for years in the 1960s! We visited once years ago...
    PS, i was at the Cheryl Strayed talk also, at Capitola Book Cafe.. I am sure you are still on overwhelm at this point when thinking about your trip on the PCT....
    Congratulations on a major accomplishment!
    Donna Thomas