Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7th Angela's kitchen table

Well it's Thursday and this is my third day off since I arrived home. I have rested, recovered and am in the planning and prep phase of getting back on the trail. Did my Costco run, washing hiking clothes in preparation for spraying with mosquito repellant stuff and I'll be making a post office run tomorrow.

Angela and our friend Beth will be driving me to Kennedy Meadows this weekend and I hope to begin hiking in Monday, possibly Tuesday if necessary. I think I'm ready to get back out there and have planned a 15 mile a day schedule. If the altitude isn't too much of an issue this should work out fine. Not too much snow left but I will be taking my micro spikes just in case I need the traction up high. I don't know about the ice axe...

Been enjoying my hang out time with Angela and Roscoe. Can you see what Angela's reading?


  1. Glad you are rested physically and mentally. And, pray tell, what is Angela reading?

    1. Backpacker magazine, I think for the first time ever!

  2. As our four-year-old friend, Ethan, would say, "Three thumbs up!" for this plan. We know that your time off at home is being restorative and that the feel of a Sierra trail under your boots will be a homecoming of another sort. Have fun!

  3. Sierra bound! Trees! Water! Life is good. Get your "walk" on!