Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finishing touches

I am lounging on a large, over stuffed couch in the home of San Diego trail angels, Frodo and Scout (trail names). My pack is full with 4 days of food but no water and it weighs in at 21 pounds. Not too shabby. I have the capacity to carry six liters of water but it appears as though I won't need to do so. There's more water between the border and each stopping place than I had hoped for. These recent rain have really helped out on that score.

Staying here tonight are two people from the Lake District in England, four folks from Israel, two from Florida and two from Washington. Quite the international crowd we have here. The only people not here are the owners as they are away until late tonight. They have food for all of us to eat and apparently dinner will arrive sometime later this evening. The kindness of strangers is amazing.

More tomorrow from the trail!


  1.'s finally time. When you told us many months ago you planned on hiking the PCT, it seemed so far away. And now it's here. Have fun. Be safe!

  2. Yea baby, it is HAPPENING. I love the stories about trail angels. xoRobin

  3. And so it begins! What a night of interesting conversation you must have had! I truly believe you will encounter the kindness of others as you trek as you are kind yourself.

  4. Yay Shelly! What a grand adventure you're embarking on. So glad to be able to follow you on your blog! Sharing the address with friends...more of us out here cheering you on & pledging support to City of Hope too. Can't wait to read about your remedy for the upside down zipper pouch since I know it'll be beyond creative & resourceful. Smile. Wishing you glorious days ahead! xo Moire