Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Days one and two

Yesterday was a study in contrasts. At the border at 7:15, saying hello and goodbye to my dear friends who drove hours to see me off, goodbye to everyone I had met only the day before and headed off north. All I could think of was "it doesn't get better than this" I was off.

This pretty much was my mantra for much of the day. It was beautiful, not too hot and there was water everywhere. Somewhere near mile eight I started looking for suitable trees from which to hang my hammock. Not so many trees about, at least ones for hanging. I took a side trail down to where I say some oaks and found the perfect spot. One tree strap on the first one, second strap on number two and by the time I got back to the first one, it was swarming with ants. And I mean swarming. Wriggling with ants, all looking for something, or maybe angry at me for intruding. At any rate I grabbed my stuff and beat it out of there pronto.

Back to the trail, trying out numerous other possible spaces until it was clear I would have to find a spot on the ground. This wasn't a problem for me, sleeping on the ground, but finding a spot somewhere safe turned out to be one. So, the very first day I broke my ten mile a day rule with a 16 miler. Geeze! Remember the part about a study in contrasts? Well by 6:30 I hobbled into the campground at Hauser Creek, cussing the last, long downhill and hoping my IT bands wouldn't snap. It would be bad to injure myself on day one.

But as usual when I woke up I was stiff of course but ready to go. After all I only had four miles to go today to stay on my schedule so it's all good. I rolled into Lake Morena at ten and I've been lazing about all day. By now there are six tents here at the hiker site with more to be coming in as the day advances. I think by tomorrow morning I'll be ready for day three.

PS I just spoke with Angela and she said my spot messages haven't been coming through. Electronics. Not to worry, I'll try to figure out what is up and fix it.


  1. This is awesome! I'm seeing a great book...can't wait for the next update. Are we able to send messages to Shelly? The Where is Shelly is working great too, love see her progress.
    The BWZ.

  2. I have been checking the blog every day hoping for an update. What fun!!! Beth

  3. Well .. you are on your way!!! The "fun" of the prep behind you .. now starts the next leg of this fantastic magical journey!

    Enjoy .. I am following you with excitement and joy! I stupidly did not get tix to the KO .. say hello to the class of 2011 for me ...

    Half Step