Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hiker hunger

It's supposed to take longer than this (only five days) but I seem to be very hungry already. I probably didn't pack enough lunch snacks and my breakfasts have only been good for less than two hours. Got to add in more food from the store here for the next section. Who knew?

Later in the day...

I am done with my chores and have added in lots more food in the form of protein, mostly cheese. Unfortunately I am now getting antsy to get back out there, but having paid for the room for two nights I reckon I'll stay.

Looking at my maps for the next section it is clear I won't be able to use my hammock so I've sent it home. Probably to redeploy it once I've hit the Sierras. You know, trees and all.
That drops the weight in my pack by nearly one pound which will be good for my feet.

I'm starting to get a hint of comfort with what I'm doing out here. Hovering just in the background I can sense that, in time, the anxiety associated with hiking off the beaten path, alone, will be replaced with a calm confidence. I'm not there yet but I can feel it hiding around a bend in the trail. Of course confidence, being a feeling state, is fluid and won't stay put all the time. Well, I guess this is good, otherwise I'd be insufferable, eh?

I'll add some random images here for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Hey Shelly. So this is a test to see if I created my Google account correctly. Glad to hear that you've stocked up on food fuel.

  2. Insufferable, you? I don't think so! Have fun, great pix, love reading about you and the beloved PCT!
    -Half Step

  3. So great to be able to hear from you on the trail, Shelbell! Thanks for the pix too. Get more food!
    Love, Dena

  4. Interesting "flower bed". Somebody has a sense of humor. I've enjoyed following you on this adventure. You're never alone!