Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Shasta Lake

I had a pretty easy day. It started at Bob’s Ranch House Restaurant. For the second morning in a row I had their “lite” breakfast and couldn’t finish it. 
Then back to the Etna Motel, which is a sweet place BTW, to packed up my mess in preparation for the drive to Ashland. 

I’m embarrassed I don’t remember the name of the woman who drove me but I could tell you lots of other stuff about her. Always the counselor. 

My first stop was Dunsmuir where I found a brew pub and had a pulled pork sandwich and ice tea. Way too early for beer. I made contact with a woman I had originally met in 2012 on the PCT down in So Cal who is heading north on the PCT from Castle Crags, the spot I was planning to end at on this trip. She hopes to complete the California part of the PCT this year. I hope she is successful. Anyway I met up with her and dropped her off at the trailhead this afternoon. Her trail name is Special K. I love what she said to me this afternoon. “If I’d waited to hike the PCT until I was in shape, I’d still be at Campo.”  The southern terminus. 

Then off south on the 5 I went. I had thought I’d stay over part way but I always get the ‘heading back to the barn’ syndrome and push on through. This time I actually tried to find somewhere to camp and and I’m setup at a FS campsite on Lake Shasta. It’s hotter than hades here, and the mosquitoes are out, but I’ve got my hammock set up and I should be comfy cozy once it cools down. If it does.

First thing tomorrow I’ll be off to home, trying to avoid the morning commute traffic. Hopefully I’ll get my act together and do a wrap up post with my last thoughts about this trip, but I never do. But hey, maybe I’ll turn over a new leaf?


  1. Are you close to home? Im leaving Durango today, Sunday. See you soon, Ms.Shell Bell. ❤️❤️

  2. Hey, Shelly, just got back from Switzerland 5 days ago and still adjusting. Don’t you hate these “ learning experiences “? Anyway, I’m so glad you made it and stayed safe. And thanks for sharing with us armchair travelers! Dennis

    1. Thanks Doc. Your words are sweet and help