Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 10 - Marble Valley - 11.7 miles

I’ve noticed something about myself on this section of trail. I seem to be having quite a bit of fear over the past three days. First it was the P.O. scare, then it was being so slow yesterday and worrying I wouldn’t be able to do the miles required to get to Etna Summit on Sunday. Then today I had to cross some big snow fields that required I use my micro spikes. Plus I hadn’t seen anyone since day one, until late this afternoon. It’s kinda scary to be out here so early in the season, with so few people around. Yes I have my locator beacon in case something goes bad but there is something about feeling alone out here that is new for me. 

Regardless of all that I had a successful hike today. I finished the climb I didn’t do yesterday and reached the high point for today. 

The landscape is changing drastically with big bold mountains and craggy peaks. Here is what I could see cresting a hill. 

Water is again plentiful which is always a relief. 

I always think of Heidi when I see certain kinds of landscapes. 

Paradise Lake, that I didn’t get to yesterday. Actually it’s good I didn’t go there as it was super windy and it would have been cold last night. 

Then for the last couple of miles I had to traverse some snow fields. This was the first of many, and the easiest of them all. I stopped taking images since I was trying to remain calm and focus on what I was doing. 

I got through without mishap but I really question the wisdom of my being out here so early in the season. I talked with a thru hiker this evening while gathering water at a stream, and asked about the snow south of Etna. He said there is one spot where the snow field goes on for a quarter mile. Holy frijoles. Whether or not this is accurate, I don’t know. But dang.  

Just as I was pulling into my chosen campsite for tonight it started to sprinkle. I managed to get my hammock and tarp up before it started raining so there is no picture of le hammock tonight. It’s burr cold and the wind is blowing up a storm. That rain event that was supposed to get here tomorrow? Well it came today. Maybe it’ll blow itself out overnight. I hope so as I have a 13.5 mile day planned for tomorrow. 

Might have to wear earplugs tonight as the wind is blowing something fierce. 

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