Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 8 - Haskins Valley Inn, Bucks Lake

There is nothing like being lazy on a day off. I rolled out of bed and into the dining room here at the Inn and was greeted by Dixie, supreme chef and chief gardener here. This is what I was presented with. 

Plus the small pastries I sampled before I pushed away from the table. What a way to start the day. By contrast this is what I started the day with yesterday. 

Uh huh. I rest my case. 

We chatted for a long time about pets we've had who have passed on, previous hikers and seasons, their home near the Superstition Mountains in Arizona and the birds/chipmunks who eat Dixie's garden plants here in Bucks Lake. Then I went off to have another soak in the tub and a lay down. Bliss. 

Around 11:30 I got a text from Angela, who is driving down from Oregon/Washington and she wondered if I'd like some company tonight. WOW! Yes, yes, yes said I and so it's a done deal. She'll arrive sometime around 5pm today. So excited.

In the meantime walked to Bucks Lake Lodge, ready to eat a burger and salad. I was planning on a solo salad but they only have dinner salads. I think they're meat and potatoes types around here. So am I of course, I just have to fight the tendency. 

I wiled away the day, buying a few more food items, getting my maps in order and trying to make sure I didn't lose anything necessary for my trail existence. Finally about 5:30 Angela arrived and after a bit we went to Lakeshore restaurant for that salad I wanted earlier in the day. It was yummy but, amazingly, no photographs of the meal. I was too busy eating it. 

So fun to have Angela join me, if only for a bit. More tomorrow as I take off again for points south. 


  1. OH MY!! That breakfast does look mighty fine (the one that Dixie prepared and served)!!😱😆Greetings to a fellow gardener/chef in Bucks Lake -- and hugs and kisses to you and Angela!! I love you both!!😘❤️

  2. There's my gals! Well, one in pic and one in author spirit! Love you both. Good to hear the trip enjoyments...