Saturday, August 19, 2017

Day 11 - Alder Spring Junction, 6016'

When the alarm went off this morning I was tired from not sleeping well. I had a headache and I could hear the mosquitoes whining just on the other side of my hammock netting. This called for a strategy that required being more awake so I let the snoozer go off a couple of times before I got up to face the day. 

Last night it had taken forever before it cooled off enough to even pull my down quilt out of my pack and bring it into the hammock. Of course it's just guessing but I'd say it was around the mid 60's, temperature wise when I woke up. Yikes! Time to gain some altitude!

I started walking at 6:45 but I was slow and lethargic most of the morning. After 2.5 miles I needed to water up so I got 2 liters of water at Fowler Creek, requiring a 500' steep downhill detour. 

I have these handy devices that make it possible to hold the bottles and still use my sticks, since these off trail sources are often quite a downhill trek. I normally don't use too many gadgets but these are worth their .7 ounces. 

I continued to drag and finally at around noon I gave up the ghost and pulled off the side of the trail and hung my hammock for a small nap. I set my alarm for two and I think I snoozed a bit. It was quite the right thing to do. 

 When I got back on the trail I had to go five miles to reach water and tonight's camp. The heat was quite draining and an umbrella is just the thing for hot sun. 

For some unknown reason this afternoon I experienced gastro intestinal shenanigans and I had to stop twice to dig cat holes. Not fun, especially when one is lacking in toilet paperšŸ˜¬. (You'll be pleased there are no images.)

Even with that I managed the 5 miles here in pretty good time. First things first, I had to take the long walk to Alder Spring to get 4 liters of water. Steep but I met another hiker there, a southbounder! Or SOBO in hiker speak. Her trail name is Pooh Bear and she is probably in her 50's. She has completed the AT and is now working on the PCT. She hopes to get to Campo this season, beating the snow in the Sierra. Lofty goals but if one can do the AT then the PCT should be a cinch. 

Sorry the blogs haven't been coming through. I try numerous times each day but there isn't enough of what is necessary out there in cyber land to send them along. They will go through sometime. Patience grasshopper. 

10.5 miles today. Off to sleepy land. 

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  1. Well, there you are! Missed you the last couple of days. I was at Skyland picking apples today. So many apples and incredibly delicious! I think you have a future in writing about your PCT adventures. TOPO's Treks. I would like the first signed copy thank you. Walk on TOPO!