Monday, August 14, 2017

Day 7 - Bucks Lake

Last night before sleep I decided to put up my tarp to help keep the wind off of the hammock. It wasn't a gale but I could still feel the wind on the underside and wanted to get some protection. Worked like a charm and I slept warm and cozy till 4am when I awoke, thinking. The dreaded thinking. 

I got out my phone and looked at the schedule I had laid out for myself and realized I'm supposed to be hiking 13 miles a day now, average. Considering how I felt yesterday at 10 miles I started to get concerned about what I'm gonna be able to do here. I eventually went back to sleep but when I woke up, sans alarm, at 6:50am I really started to worry. Not only about milages but I realized the reason I didn't awake is because the sun wasn't shining...I was in a cloud cover. Egads!

Up and at'um! I broke camp and started hiking at 7:20, without stopping to eat because I needed water and there was a spring half a mile away.  I watered up and hiked on, turning over my current problem in my mind. I was supposed to hike this section in 7 days. I was already 3 mikes shy and those miles would have to be made up over the next 6 days. Three 14 mile days and three 13 mile days. Or take longer and and get some more food to make up for an extra day here and there. I only factored so much wiggle room in the schedule and I want to be home by 9/14 because there is someone in town I want to see. So I have some constraints, self imposed but constraints none the less. 

I kept walking and trying to figure out where to get more food. Bucks Lake is dead ahead and the town of Quincey is east of Bucks Lake by 12 miles. I'm not fond of hitchhiking but have done so in a pinch. Then I got reception and contacted a friend from work who has a cabin in BL and she told me about a B and B in town where I might be able to get a room tonight. There is also a store in town, small but I'm sure adequate for what I will need. Plus...I will get a shower and be able to wash my clothes. Being this dirty and stinky doesn't seem to bother some folks but it sure does bother me. Anyway, I called them and they have a room for me this afternoon. I am stoked!!!

Once I had that trouble solved for today I started to enjoy my surroundings. First off was a trailhead to climb Mt Pleasant...

Someone needs to help this sign out, it isn't very pleasant. 

Then I saw a welcoming lake, Silver Lake. Could be a good place to go and hang out. 

The wild flowers are not to be believed. 

And the views are some of the best I've gotten so far this trip. 

Eventually I got down to Bucks Lake Rd and looked hopefully for someone who might be getting into their car, at just that moment. Hoping to "yogi" a ride, I was disappointed so I turned right and started walking the three miles to town. Not 10 steps later I heard a truck behind me and a nice lady stuck her head out the window asking "You want a ride?" What a relief! So I tossed my pack into the back of their truck and they took me to Haskins Store where I have a room for tonight, and maybe tomorrow as well😜.

Turns out their son hiked the PCT last year so they are always on the look out to help a wayward hiker. My eternal thanks go out to Diedra and Augie! (Sorry if I've misspelled their names.)

So here I am at Haskins Valley Inn. 

I have a shower AND a jacuzzi tub, where I have washed my clothes, after washing myself. 

This is what my feet looked like, prior to many applications of water and soap. 

TMI? Well, you get the good with the bad when you read this blog. πŸ˜‚


  1. The feet pic makes me so happy!! I'd take that over a pedicure any day.

  2. Gee. The scenery has been so beautiful today and gorgeous wildflowers. Then came the feet! I guess you just gotta tell it like it is! Great problem solving and getting a room. Walk on TOPO!

    1. Yup. They look like that at the end of every day.

  3. OMG!!πŸ˜‚ Those are your feet, Shelly Jo??!! You could grow things in the soil between those toes!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Yes I guess I could. But I do TRY to get some of that off at the end of each day. Wet wipes will take off the big chunks🀣