Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 6 - Burney Motel, Burney, CA

Phew. Another long hot day...14 miles or there abouts. Heading into Burney Falls State Park was moving from 5,000 feet to under 3,000. The temps, as well as the flora and fauna, have changed in dramatic ways. Long gone are the cool, pine forests and temps...
HELLO Oak trees, manzanita, thorny everything and baking path ways. 
I pulled out the umbrella this afternoon to make some shade for myself...
Clearly I'm in shockšŸ˜¬
But we did get to BF and I have proof
See? That's my pack on the right. 
It was a bit of a struggle getting to town since none of us had cell reception, and the pay phone was out of commission, but we finally connected with the local taxi guy and he came to get us and haul us off to town. 

Clothes and persons washed we walked to a place with a limited menu but super good food. Blackened chicken salad for me and Trisha, steak for Paul.
It's a food selfie!

Tomorrow. I really, really don't want to walk the Hat Creek Rim. Lots of water must be hauled, heat managed and I'll likely have to sleep on the ground. Since there probably aren't gonna be a plethora of nicely sized and perfectly placed trees. Too bad I don't have a sleeping pad with me.  Damn. Plus, my dogs aren't doing all that well. I've got one foot taped underneath
And on top...
I'm gonna lose that toenail...dang thing throbs. That is one sorry foot. 

Blah, blah, blah. I'll either go or I won't. Stay tuned. 

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