Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 4 - Moosehead Creek

14.33 miles today. Fortunately it was cooler so the hiking wasn't so difficult on the climbs. I still sweat buckets but I always do...by the time I get into a shower in another two days my hair will be salt encrusted. Lovely. 

Late night was comical. The name Deer Springs is accurate. Many, many deer tried to walk into the small clearing we were camped in and stopped dead in their tracks with a very confused look on their deer faces. Clearly this was their spring and we were camped on their path to get to their spring. Same thing this morning in the half light while I was packing up my gear. I'm sure they were relieved when we left town. The good news? No visit from Smokey. 

After a good climb out of the canyon this morning I began a traverse of the base of Grizzley Mountain. It was still early, around 7am, and the sun was bright though not yet hot. Flowers! Everywhere! I didn't take many images save one. 
But the scent was powerful and the bees were having a heyday. I finally had reception and sent off the first three days of posts. I got a text from A that that my SPOT didn't send the first night so I hope no one was too concerned. That sometimes happens I guess. Probably user error.  Here is a pano of the views from the top. 
Walk, walk, walk. Over hill and dale and I finally saw some thru hikers. NOBO's had been in short supply since early yesterday morning. I almost always stop to chat, briefly, to see how they're doing. I saw four youngish folks today then a couple of older folks who skipped the Sierra due to deep snow and dangerous river crossings. Sounds smart to me. Then I saw someone I know, and I knew was going to be out there right about now and it was so exciting. 
Donna Saufley (aka L-rod) is a famous trail angel that has Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce. She opens up her property for two months in spring to hikers coming through on the PCT. This year she is going to take three months for herself and finish up her own PCT hike. I couldn't be happier for her. No one deserves it more. 

Ok I think that's just about it for tonight. Except I'll add one more image. 
Knobcone Pine. Big. 

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