Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pine Trees and Boulders

I do believe the San Jaciento Mountains are one of my most favorite places to backpack, at least in Southern California. The backcountry is remarkably close to civilization (I'm only four miles from a road) but I'm 2,000' higher than that road and it takes a bit of effort to get here. Just that factor alone thins the crowd out a bit. 
Plus, there are these junctions. Who can decide which way to go? Up, down,'s very hard to pick which way to go when all of them lead somewhere beautiful. 
The pine trees and boulders are amazing here. Tall, tall trees and rocks the size of small houses. 
Certainly much bigger than my home for the night. 

It's been 20 days since I had a pack on and it feels wonderful to get back into the quiet again. No billboards, auto sounds, loud human voices. Only the distant, almost imperceptible sound of a far off plane now and again. 

What doesn't feel good is my shoulder where the strap on my pack presses against the front of the joint. Humph! While I was home in Santa Cruz I got an X-ray so I know nothing's broken, but X-rays don't show soft tissue damage. I wonder how long this is gonna take to heal? I hope it feels better in the morning. 

In the meantime it'll be a bright night tonight as the moon is just past full. Too bad I don't have those little eye thingies to keep out the light!

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