Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eleven Mile Jaunt

I always forget how my sleep is affected at elevations of 8,000' or above. True to form I didn't sleep much but I was out in the woods so who cares? Oh yes, and that moon spotlight was an extra bonus. But I did sleep some and didn't get up till after 7 am. That's a first. 
I slowpoked around and got to hiking at 8:15 or so, only to climb up to 9,000' in the first couple of miles. The trail was nicely graded so it wasn't too difficult, even for a flat lander. This was my view all morning. 
I had an early lunch/snack at Saddle Junction where the Devils Slide Trail makes a sharp right turn and switchbacks 2.5 miles down to the trailhead at Humber Park. Another hour or so and I was back in "civilization", such as it is. 

I attempted to text Trail Angel Stacey but couldn't get through so I took off walking down the road. In less than five minutes here comes Stacey with her dog Scout! They were planning to hike up to meet me but I got there early so no hike for them. Off to the Red Kettle for a salad
and a bottomless glass of iced tea. My favorite all service resturant in Idyllwild!

Some good news is that my shoulder had improved overnight and it continued to stay that way all day. Carrying less food and water helped I reckon. So hopefully it will continue to heal, as long as I'm not carrying too much weight in a pack. 

The not-so-good news is I am back in the lowlands now and the temp is projected to be 105 today. I'm sitting outside in Mom's golfcart, having a cup of coffee and enjoying the cooler morning air, but soon it will be too hot to be outside at all.

It is amazing to me that people can live with these temperatures. They move between inside airconditioning to car air to store air, trying not to bake in between each environment. I've only been back here for a couple of days but already I've got cabin fever. I can't wait to get home to moderate temperatures where I can be outside whenever I wish. 

Here are a few random images from my two day jaunt. 

The oak gnats were trying to get into every facial orifice. I foiled them with my trusty head net!

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