Monday, September 8, 2014


It's been threatening rain here for a couple of days. Unfortunately it has rained everywhere but here so we are stuck with humidity and heat, but no rain.
The good news is that cloudiness has helped keep the temps down into more tolerable levels and I don't want to jump off a cliff into an abyss to deal with the heat. 

Tonight after dinner I took off in the golf cart to see if I could find some nice images but I'd passed the sunset hour. I went all the way over to the horsie area where the wealthier folks hang, just to smell something earthy for a bit. Riders were finishing their evening rides and I chatted with a young woman leading a beautiful, and very large, horse. I guessed the horses size as 17 hands and was only a couple of inches off. A silly kind of pride I feel in being able, after all these years, to guess a horses size. Big, really big. 
Not the same horse but another going back to the barn. Lucky critters. 

The story of my life right now. A full moon rising over some power lines. I'm thankful for Mom's golf cart which allows me to get outside and feel the wind on my face. Soon, very soon, I'll be in the woods for a few days.  

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