Friday, August 8, 2014

Day Something

Good news on the Mom front. At least it seems to all be moving in the right direction. The surgery went well and she said she felt better right away. It's been tough for her over these last many months to lose her ability to get around but finally she got a Doc who paid attention to her concerns. Mom always says,"They look at my birthdate then brush me off." So it seems her heart has been stopping, which could make a person kinda tired. Anyway, so far so good. 

In that light in gonna skip the trail section between highways 12 and 90 and start back up in a week. I want to stay close to the phone for a bit so I'll have more confidence all is well before I go back out into the wilds. 

All is looking up!

The upside is that I get to spend more time with my close friends, go to art openings, shower every day and sleep in a bed. Life is good!

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