Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 14 - R & R

I started the day picking up needed items, like TWO spoons and insect shield. I've got my clothes washed and was planning to re-treat them with the spray so the mosquitos will continue to be confused when they land on my clothing. I still haven't gotten bitten through my shirt or pants! 

I rested through the heat of the day until I got a call from my sister informing me that my Mom is in the hospital. It's a long story going back quite some time but Mom will be having surgery tomorrow to have a pacemaker implanted. She's 92 and has been living alone, with my sister and bro-inlaw a couple blocks away, but it's possible this event will precipitate a move into an assisted living facility. 

I'm writing this here because I really don't know, at the moment, if I'll be going back into the wilderness or if I'll be driving to So Cal to help with my Mom in this transition. I'm in a wait and see place and will be for a few days at least. 

I can't really say too much more than this right now. When I have more information I'll post an update. 

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