Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cowiche Canyon Hike

Went out for a short stroll this morning. Unfortunately I didn't get out till 9 am and it was already 80 degrees. I only lasted an hour but will head out earlier tomorrow!
This is a sweet short hike, 6 miles as an in and out, and it follows a creek. 
The sun was already too harsh to do a good job with the surroundings so maybe the next time. I did pickup some trash which always makes me feel better. 
Really? Smoking cigarettes in high fire danger territory? Wow. 

The plan to go back into the Cascades seems to moving right along and as long as Mom continues to improve I'll hit the trail on 8/17/14. With the wonderful addition of my friend Lorna who wants to do the next section with me. I'm delighted to have such a fun and positive person to hike with. BTW, she is a great artist as well. 

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