Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summit Inn, Snoqualmie Pass

Sitting in my room at the Inn, watching more TV than I've seen in months. My pack is over full and leaning against the wall of my room. Lorna is on her way and we'll be off early tomorrow morning. Do we wait til 7 and eat a resturant meal or eat backpacking food, the stuff in our packs? 

I can't thank J&G enough for putting me up for the past week, and hauling my butt over here to the trailhead. I never get this much time with old and true friends, especially when they live so far from my own home. I am so lucky to have had this time with them, and others. Plus meeting new folks. A great visit all the way around. 
As usual, I doubt there will be reception for the next six days but I will try. If no blog posts you can always click on the "Where is Shelly" to see where we are on the map. Thanks to my Spot device. 


  1. Back in the saddle again... (oops! I mean Back on the trail again...) Glad to hear it! Folks have been talking about rain on the trail. You getting some? This is ANOTHER attempt at posting here. Hope it works this time!