Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 1 - Heading towards Cascade Locks

The car is packed for today's adventure. My gear is loaded - I'm carrying six days of food and one liter of water. Only one liter of water!!! Woohie! J and G are delivering me to the trailhead then going off to have an adventure in Portland. I've had my last shower for 6+ days and I'm ready to roll. The weather is supposed to be coolish today but slowly heating up until it hits the 90's later in the week. Oh well. At least I'll be walking under the trees. 
1:30 pm - Trailhead
All righty then. I'm off! Don't know if I'll have any reception in the next week so don't worry if there are no posts forthcoming! Woohoo!

6:15 pm - In the Rain Forest

Lush is what my campsite is for the evening. Green, all shades, moss on rocks and hanging in trees, little trickles of water where none is noted and lots of water where expected. In fact this campsite is listed as dry but there's enough in the nearby creek for tomorrow morning. Crazy, in a real good way! What a big difference...

After dinner I began to see a few mosquitos but so far they aren't problematic. I'm ensconced in my tent now, stretching and trying to get organized so the little suckers can't reach me even if they wanted to. 

All together a very good day back on the trail. I must say I am glad I only walked six miles this afternoon as I can tell I haven't had a pack on my back for two months. Well no matter...I'm only hiking 13 miles a day in this section. Half in the morning and half in the afternoon with lots of rest time in there. I got no plane to catch...


  1. Happy Trails to you!! and many great adventures. Cristie

  2. Way to go Topo! Looking forward to following your every footstep! HYOH

  3. Great to hear you're back on the PCT, Shelley! Have a great time!