Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mighty Tieton, WA

Yet another long day on the road. I left my rogue camp spot at 5:30 am and rolled in here to J&G's place right around 5pm. It wasn't hard driving at all because there was so much to look at. Early in the day I got to Oregon and the land started looking decidedly green. Even between the volcanic rock and sage there were patches of brilliant green. Rain will do that for you. 

My first stop of the day was in Lakeview, which has a full on grocery store and two gas stations! But I was hungry so I picked Jerry's Cafe for breakfast. Bacon (yum) and eggs with hash browns, but the thing that cheered me up?
I love presentation...

My next stop was Paisley, OR. I didn't know there was a Paisley, OR, but it seems there are many things I don't know. My only sadness was that I didn't arrive there on the last weekend of July, when they have the Paisley Mosquito Festival. I wonder if they have special booths for West Nile mossies, or possibly Malaria suckers. (This is what happens when I travel alone for 12 hours via auto.)

I came to the last likely campsite (on the map anyway) at 1 pm so rather than sit around in an established campsite for seven hours I decided to push on to see my old friends in Tieton, WA. I arrived when they were unloading a truck from Eugene into their storage unit but soon my bladder dictated I get over to their new home. 
After dinner we went visit D and S to see S's garden. She's a Master Gardener and her garden shows it. It's about a quarter of an acre and way more food than I can imagine growing. So far, no gophers, rabbits or deer. The sunset was beyond wonderful. 

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