Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 52 - Home Again

Well, I'm back in Santa Cruz at at the Urgent Care center on Soquel, awaiting help. I like this place! The people have been very nice so far and they take my insurance. Doc in the Box on Ocean wouldn't see me with my insurance. Good, I've never liked them anyway! I just thought they were the only name in the game on Memorial Day. 
Later - All righty then. The Doc thinks I have a bacterial infection of some unknown variety. She took a swab and will try to grow more bacteria but there's no guarantee it'll replicate. Apparently they are fussy sometimes. So that means I have to take a broad spectrum antibiotic to cover all the bases unless and until they find I'm taking the wrong drug. So there you have it! I have to take drugs and rest till this clears up. Sure hope it happens soon. 

Oh alright. In the interest of science I'll post a pic of my mug. Keep in mind all the red is raw skin, the top layer having blistered and sluffed off. I think I'll have a couple of medicinal beers this afternoon. This should help with the pain. 

1 comment:

  1. Ouch, looks so tender. Hope the drugs do the trick.
    And good thinking...
    Keep hydrated : ) --julie o.