Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 51 - The East Side, Heading West

Trail Angel Stacey has come through once again. I was sitting on the porch at KM eating lunch when Stacey pulled up in her Subaru and sauntered into the fray. Hikers and hikers stuff everywhere, a film crew from German public television filming the hiking Germans and me, sitting glumly at a table. To say I was downhearted would be an understatement. Anyway I piled all my stuff in the Outback, paid my tab and wished my hiking pals happy hiking and we headed out of the mountains driving east. 

Guess what? So far there doesn't seem to be any urgent care facilities on the east side of the Sierras. Not in Lone Pine or Bishop at any rate. Holy cow. What to do? Of course it is a Sunday, on Memorial weekend. I suppose I could go to an emergency room but that's big $$$. And probably a horrendous wait. So, I guess we're going to drive as far as possible tonight, heading back to The Cruz. If I have to feel this bad it may as well be at home where I'm with my peeps and I can get to my Doc on Tuesday. I hope this thing can get cleared up SOON!

PS - Probably won't do a spot tonight. 
PPS - At a Best Western in Oakdale. I should have purchased stock...

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  1. Hope it clears up and you get back out there, Shelly! thinking of you....julie o.