Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 49 - Mile 683 - Fox Hill Spring

Another short day...14 miles by my count. I'm trying to take it easy and not push it since it's Memorial Day weekend and I don't want to join the hordes of people until I have to. I have food for two more days and only 19 miles to go to get to Kennedy Meadows. I could push to get there but the general store closes at 5 pm and I'm not sure about the camping around there. I have heard they no longer have showers for hikers so that's no enticement...

I think I'm feeling better now that the drugs have kicked in. The itching has decreased but both my nose and upper lip have blistered and I am concerned about keeping them from getting sunburned. I got too much sun today so I'm gonna have to do something much more drastic tomorrow. I'll have to fashion a nose guard with something... McGyverish. I'll take photos.

I now have a different tent. It has a much smaller footprint than the first one. I was having a heck of a time finding places to set up the tent before but with this one it's been much better. This will be my third night using it and the first two nights it rained... It could very well rain tonight. The only downside I see so far is because I have to close it up when it rains I get tons of condensation. I mean tons. I had to set the tent up mid day both days to dry it out. This means my gear gets damp as well which could be a bummer if I wasn't able to dry things out during the day. But that's nothing to worry about now. 

I'm finally able to get my water from springs, creeks and soon...rivers. I keep thinking of photographing the sources but I seem to only take images of the signs. I guess I just like signs. Here's a couple. 

I'm not sure why they say these things. Maybe the legal beagles got to them and they feel they have to cover their arses. Anyway I drank it, after treating it of course. I'm not dead yet. I don't think...

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