Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9th Thriftstoremaina

As much as I love my home town of Santa Cruz, we have NO good thrift stores in town. It is a real sadness to me because if one loves to search for treasures like I do, having a good source of spots is the most fun one can have in shopping experiences.

Well, Eugene Oregon is a wealth of potential treasures and yesterday we managed to hit a quarter of the stores. St. Vinnie's has the most stores but there are all the other types. As well as off brand non-profit stores... like Sara's Treasures, the cat rescue/thrift store combo of yesterday afternoon. I didn't get any items from that store but I sure did get get some fine cat love.

All told I got a couple of shirts, one for dress up (should I ever do that again), and a new addition to my salt and pepper collection. Plus other items that may become presents...

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