Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6th The Sequel

I had fun today. I drove all over Hell'nback, Oregon to pick up the re-supply boxes A had sent out to me. First Crater Lake general store then north to Shelter Cove Resort, where I noticed they are selling the resort. Anyone out there want a project? A big one?

On my final approach to Eugene I managed to stop at one thrift store but didn't find even one treasure. I'll have to try harder next time. When I got to J's house we chatted a bit then went over to A and T's place for chicken tacos on the back porch. YUM! Like good friends do they asked me thoughtful questions about my hike and expressed concern about my leaving the trail and how it would feel to me. They don't want me to feel bad and it would not be constructive so I'm gonna work on that.

A took us over to the community garden spot she has to show us her green thumb. She has quite the talent with plants that gal. Too bad there isn't much money in carrots or she could have made a good living as a farmer. Instead it is her after work decompression spot and a food source for her family. I have great friends.

Images are of Crater Lake, a lady and dog at Shelter Cove (check out the dogs toe nails), A's garden veggies and garden.

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