Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8th Eugene, Oregon

Sorry about forgetting to use the Spot over these last couple of days. When I stop living out of my pack I stop thinking of the locater. My bad.

I got to Eugene on Monday evening after driving about the countryside picking up boxes of food previously sent to various near-trail spots. I love being here, near my old friends with whom I used to hang with back in the Long Beach days. They moved to Oregon nearly 30 years ago and I still haven't gotten over them leaving. I continue to whine about it but they tolerate me.

Yesterday we drove out to a lake which is near Sweet Home, Oregon. G is there, volunteering this week at a Girl Scout Camporee, teaching the girls how to make greenhouses from recycled materials. She is always in her element, making stuff.

Today we are getting a late start, having watched the Olympics till midnight. The plan is to spend the day thrift storing at all of J's favorite spots. I hope to find treasures.

The only image here is of the sunset while driving back to Eugene last night.


  1. I always look forward to getting the "All's Well" message from your spot locator but more especially now. Sounds like everything really is "all's well" and that you've already found treasures. Love you Ms Shelly.

  2. Hi Shelly - Amazed to check your blog & see that you are practically crossing paths with Emily's brother Joe who is in the last days of a cross-country bicycling trip (entirely self-contained!). He & his cycling buddy left Eugene today headed to Astoria to dip their front bicycle tires into the Pacific. (We met up in a car with them in Montana for a gorgeous week in very rural Montana.) Your hike sounds awesome! Look forward to following your progress. Best wishes to your soles and your soul ;-) Jan (& Emily)