Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19th ML day 2

I stayed at the New Shady Rest campground last night and even though it was right off the highway coming into town, it wasn't loud or bothersome in any way. It helped that it was windy so whatever other noises might have been present were covered by the sighing of the wind.

I'm pretty lucky to have been invited to stay at my friend Robins house tonight. Unfortunately she is deep into a state audit at her work so I don't know if I'll get to see her much. I will get to meet her newest dog though. A black poodleish kind of creature... a puppy I believe. Looking forward to that. Robins friend Erika will be picking me up around 12:30 this afternoon and haul my sorry ass back to the house.

Of course the evening was grand. When I arrived at R's place, Erika was cooking up a storm and the doggies were wild child's. In no time there was a phone call and folks arrived via RV. John Sandich and family, also known as Sleepy John of KPIG radio. Fun times ensued and finally dinner was done, folks off to bed. Me, I'll haul myself to bed.

Razz and the new puppy Tallulah.

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