Wednesday, August 2, 2017

T-minus 6, and counting.

Days that is. Here I am at the tail end of the planning phase of my trip. My food is all purchased and boxed up. Three boxes sent and one more to go.


Gear chosen and sprayed with permethrin in order to keep the insects (ticks and mosquitoes) at bay, and I finally decided to go with cooking this year. I hate the extra weight of pot, stove and fuel but the satisfaction of having a hot meal at the end of the day has won out this year.

I just spent the last six hours today trying to set up my new locater beacon device. I think, I hope, I've got it well enough figured out for now. I was able to get the link up on my "Where is Shelly" page if you wanna look at that. It is kinda fun. Here is the beast.

I'm working on my gear list, which will be almost the same as last year but I'm adding the weight of three different things. A heavier battery for electronics, the above beast which is heavier than my old Spot and the pot/stove/fuel combination mentioned above. I haven't added it all up yet but I expect my weights to be in the 14 pound range. Two pounds more than last year but......... we will see. I still have a few days to change my mind about the cook system...

As I mentioned before it has been hard for me to write here, even though I've enjoyed it in the past. I am hoping to turn a corner soon and get back in the groove. Stay tuned.

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