Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Nine months later

It is hard to figure out where to start, after so many months away from this blog. So much has occurred, both personally and in our country, that at times it feels overwhelming. I have been affected by national politics in much the same way that most progressives have. Depressed, appalled and frightened by the sharp right turn our country has taken. Much damage will occur under this administration, some of which will be able to be reversed, some of which will have lasting effects. I continue to be shocked at the mean spirited and dangerous people who are crawling out from under the rocks they've been living under for the past few decades. To top it off, I have family members who voted for the man who is at the center of this danger. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget their actions. 

Personally I have recovered, physically, from the injury I had last year. My legs are much stronger and I think they should be ok for hiking. Still, my training isn't at the level I wanted it to be before hiking this summer. It never is of course but I always have hope. 
As long as something else unexpected doesn't come up I should be good to go on the physical plane. It has been touch and go though, which is one reason I haven't been posting - I didn't know if I was gonna hit the trail this year. 

I guess I have decided to move forward since I've started dehydrating my dinner meals and planning for resupply boxes.  My leave home date is August 6, the day after my friends 70th birthday party. I hope to drop a vehicle at the trailhead in Tuolumne Meadows that I can hop into when I walk in there in early September. I will then, somehow, get to Chester where I will start hiking south. If I'm feeling frisky when I get to TM and I'm still wanting to hike, I'll drive north to Castle Crags and hike north to Ashland. It should be a great time of year for that section. If I don't want to keep going, I'll just head back to my wonderful home in Santa Cruz. 

New lunch/snack. Coleslaw with, when packed, raisins and mayo with curry. 

I've expanded my dinner meal plans to include a grits, deli ham and pea meal. It sounds good.  

Various veggies dehydrated and ready to be assembled with meals when I vacuum seal each one. 

This post has been haphazard and disjointed but I'm hoping to get myself in the habit of posting, rather than brooding about the world. I'm generally a positive poster and don't usually go on rants about politics. Keep that in mind when deciding to follow along😜

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  1. congratulations for going again. I look forward to your bloggings.