Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 19 - Hope Lake

It was hard to get up this morning. It was cold and damp right along the lake but we wanted to get on the trail early, to take advantage of the cool hiking temps. We actually started walking at 6:15 which was a first for us. High fives all around on that one. 

The initial climb to Piper Pass was 1,500' and along the way we were rewarded by amazing views. Clear up high where we were with low clouds in the valleys. At one point L said she thought we were looking at the Olympics. I don't know but it was stunning. 

Amazing sight. In fact It looks like I could just bounce on the clouds like a trampoline. Very cool and a great distraction from the UP. 

Once at the pass we sat and watched some Gray Jays try and tempt us into giving them food. We didn't give in to their antics but it would have been fun. I have an app on my phone where I can look up birds and also listen to their song. These jays didn't like my app sounds and flew away. Probably sounded like an intruder in their territory. 

Down we went into the valley that held Glacier Lake and the engineering feat to make a trail down into the valley was just short of miraculous. See if you can see the trail...
Nope? Me neither and I walked down it. Wow. 

As far as obstacles went, today was pretty easy going. We had only one big obstruction to climb over and it was like trying to walk on a pile of giant toothpicks. These are some big trees. 
As I said, a pretty easy day. Ten miles and we got into camp around 3 pm. Mig Lake is a shallow lake, sort of warm but not warm enough for me to get into. L did take a dip. Burrr. 
Last night on the trail. I've had a splendid time hiking with L. She is so easy going, positive and fun. Our hiking paces match, mostly because she likes to stop and take pictures which gives me a chance to catch my breath or rest my legs. We've taken to calling each other Pollyanna the Elder and Pollyanna the Younger. I don't guess it would be hard to figure out who is who.

Injury update. After yesterday's river crossing my bruised shoulder has taken a turn for the worse. This morning I couldn't raise my arm to the side or front any higher than my waist without a great deal of pain. Even after hiking and somewhat using it all day it still isn't much better. I've had a frozen shoulder before and it wasn't pretty - this feels very much the same. If it continues I can't imagine risking going solo into what is reported to be a very rugged section of the trail. If I can't reach above me with one arm...well, I don't know. I'll have to see what happens in the next couple of days. It's possible I might be done for the season. 
Tonight's watercolor of our campsite. 

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