Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 18 - Deception Lakes

We are camped at a beautiful site with the Loud Family just across the way. The men have been at the rum and the volume of their voices is telling. I know all about one guys new dishwasher and remodeling project. I hope they decide to quiet down at dark. 
This morning was cloudy and it looked like it could rain. We took our leave of Deep Lake and immediately climbed up to the backside of Cathedrial Peak. Misty, moisty and breezy, but beautiful.
It never did rain but the mist was so dense that it felt like raindrops. 

Six miles in we had a big creek crossing. We've been hearing about it for a day now and it sounded scary. In fact there is a much longer alternate trail mapped if one doesn't want to attempt this crossing. Anyway we heard there were two logs across which most 
people were walking across. They looked flimsy to me and I thought it might be better to wade across. L decided to crawl across and, against my better judgement, I decided to do the same. 
She did fine and got across with only some bumps and scrapes from the logs on her bare skin. I had a more difficult time because of my shoulder and about halfway across it decided to cramp up - I was afraid it would give way. But, I made it and got to the other side, though I was in a great deal of pain and could barely move my arm.  

We still had another part of the creek to cross and L decided to go around the water and climb over some rocks to get to the trail. It looked dicy to me but I stood there watching and taking pictures. See what you think...
After this event we were both drained but we still had hiking to do so after a snack break we shouldered our packs and off we went. 

I couldn't use my left pole because of my shoulder but a bunch of Advil took the edge off and by the time we got to camp the pain had diminished. In the meantime we still had trail difficulties to deal with. Such as these fallen trees we had to crawl under. That was tricky with one working arm...
Seems like I always get L's backside...

Towards the end of the day we saw this note on the side of the trail
I guess a PCT hiker named Ice turned 21 and his friends left him a sampler of booze. Kinda sweet of them. I hope no one takes it before Ice gets there. 

Two more images for the day. The last of the sun peaking through the clouds. 
Today's watercolor. 

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