Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 47 - Mile 656

From Lake Isabella looking back towards Walker Pass. 

It's only 4:30 pm but I'm in my tent and the rain is tapping on the roof and I'm snug in my down bag and woollies. Just a bit ago I was walking in light rain and pleasent temps, then the hail started.  Time to look for shelter! According to the Topo map this spot is the last likely spot for another six miles, which for me is three hours of walking, so even though it's early I decided to stop and make camp. I'm glad it did! I was starting to get chilled and my fingers were stiff and cold by the time I crawled in here. 

This also means a no-cook dinner which is fine since I didn't eat my lunch at lunch. Why? Well a fellow hiker named Hog and I were hitching a ride back to the trail and our first one dropped us off only part way to the trailhead. There was a deli right at that spot so we popped in for something quick we could take out. When we got out a local guy that often gives rides to hikers stopped and we offered him $20 to take us all the way back to Walker Pass. He agreed and proceeded to give us the whole history of the area and where all the gems and minerals can be found. He's a rock hound and jeweler, as well as an excellent tour guide. I never got his name but he sure was enjoyable to listen to. 

Meeting locals is one of the best things about doing a hike like this. Some people don't like going into towns but I love it because I get to see how other people see their towns and eat at their local spots. Not to mention getting a shower of course. I think it adds lots of flavor to an adventure like this to mix with the locals. 
My view for the night...


  1. Whoa! Did we ever get a thunder/lightning/hail/rain storm today in Idyllwild! It is just now letting up at least for awhile. Scout and I got stuck in it. Quite the adventure. Was great talking with you this morning. Sounds like you made a good decision to snuggle in for the night. Strange weather we're having. When do you think you'll make it to Kennedy Meadows?

  2. Hope you have a dry, pleasant walk to day Shelly. Ang says you have a rash from something like poison oak, puppy plant? I tried to look it up but google just brought up pictures of endangered puppies… cute but no rashes. Anything like poison oak gives me the he bee gee bees! Hope it's better today. Thinking of you and calling all trail angels to watch over you.

  3. Nice photo Shelley. I love your comments about being in town. I am so enjoying getting to know Tietan. Talking with the people is wonderful. Some people have been here their whole lives. And some people don't speak any English. This is great because I get to practice my Spanish. Experiences are the best. Enjoy the rain, sleep well, love