Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 44 - Mile 606

Phewie! Today was a long day. Left camp at 6:30 am and was setting up my tent at 8:00 pm. In between was 20 miles of up and down and all around. 

Add to this is that I had some kind of sneezing, runny nose, eye watering day and my energy was low, low, low. I don't know if it's allergies or a cold coming on but it made today's miles much harder to accomplish. In fact I passed the word on to TD and DG that if I didn't feel better I was going to stop at Robin Bird Spring for the night.

 I did stop in fact, cooked myself dinner and when finished it was only 5:30 and the food seemed to revive me enough to make me decide to push on to the concrete dam and spring for the night. 

I never found the gals but did run into some folks from Santa Cruz who are also out here doing the hiking thing. We'll probably walk together tomorrow as we seem to have the same pace, more or less. Their trail names are Joquin and Useitup. 

Something else of import happened today...
Can you read it? How's this one...
Enough for now. I'm beat. 

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  1. Hi dear friend...this sounds like a hard part of the journey. Know you have so many fans and I am A Huge One. You are doing the perfect genius walk. Love you!